Redmond and the Sammamish Valley

Willows Run, situated in the heart of the Sammamish River Valley, is a fertile lowland area between the cities of Redmond, Woodinville, and Kirkland with views of Mt. Rainier to the south. Willows Run is a sanctuary in the midst of a well-developed region that represents the best of the Northwest—a natural retreat with easy access to the urban centers of Bellevue and Seattle. The river valley with its adjacent tree-lined neighborhoods is home to various agricultural uses, wineries, restaurants, playfields, business parks and the Microsoft campus just up the hill.

The Sammamish River passes alongside the Willows Run courses as it flows from Lake Sammamish to Lake Washington. The river is home to several runs of salmon and trout and its natural setting attracts a variety of birds and mammals, including Canada geese, ducks and Great Blue Herons. Often Bald eagles are seen soaring above the valley and beavers frolic near the river during a round at Willows Run.

The Willows Run Golf Courses are easily accessed from I-405, 2.5 miles to the west, and SR 520, 2.5 miles to the south.



A Brief History of Willows Run

Property originally owned by a group of Canadian investors and slated for development as an industrial park similar to what is existing south of the source.

Patton/Allen purchased the property with approvals for an 18 hole golf course. Patton hired Lisa Make, a female architect from Virginia to do the routing and design of original 18 holes. First gold course designed by female golf course architect in Pacific Northwest at the time.

Corp of engineers see the success of wildlife habitat creation on first 150 acres and agree to expansion to 36 holes. Second 18 holes designed by Ted Locke, well known golf architect from Vancouver, BC.

Willows Run enters into agreement with King County to eventually irrigate with reclaimed water from the new Brightwater plant proposed for construction in Woodinville.

Willows eventually begins irrigating with reclaimed water from Brightwater plant. Largest single user of reclaimed water in the Pacific Northwest.

Willows and sister course Druids Glen apply for certification in the Salmon Safe program. A program that controls the use of fertilizers and chemicals and helps to enhance and preserver salmon habitat.

Awards and Certifications

Willows Run Golf Course is an exceptional example of responsible land management and is even more impressive when considering the common practices of most golf courses. Prior to golf course development, the Willows Run site was formerly a corn farm, and essentially a monoculture environment that did not support diverse habitat of any kind. In addition, it is located in the North Lake Washington/Sammamish Watershed, in the heart of the most significant Chinook habitat in the world. The step forward towards Salmon-Safe certification was a significant action going beyond regulations to adopt.