Less than 40 people events.

Plan A)  Paid by individual players at the day of the event

If your event would be paid by each individual at the day of the event, we would need to hold credit card information of the organizers to secure your tee time. Willows request final headcount notified 3 days in advance. No show or changes are not acceptable within 3 days of event. When we see no shows on the day of the event, those lost tee time would be paid by organizers credit card. For example if your event sign up for 30 people tee time and only 24 showed up, 6 tee times are lost. Without events, tee sheet would have been 28 - 30 people. In order to minimize the loss of those tee times, we ask guest to provide us with final headcount 3 days in advance. As long as we were notified less people playing the event 3 days in advance, we still have 3 days to fill up the tee sheet. It is required that organizers of the event agrees to this policy. We ask guests to compensate for the lost tee time associated with no shows or last minute headcount changes. We would like to make sure it makes sense to both of us. If there are too much events, we may only take Plan B options for new sign ups.

Plan B)  Paid by company credit card for the whole group

Same as above, but if the corporate account is paying for the whole group, we request final headcount and payment processed 7 days in advance of events. No changes are allowed within 7 days of the events. We do not have capacity to follow up with all the small size events. (Less than 40 people).

Please see below for the event guidelines and the price.


Thank you for your understandings.

Willows Event team