Less than 40 people events.

From May - October

We cannot book events who likes to pay individually. The risk of no show is very high.
Small Event requires prepayment and full amount must be paid at the time of reservation with one credit card.
Bookings can be made at anytime.
Fee is non-refundable, no rain checks for no shows. Change in headcount is not accepted after the payment is made.
Customers can always fill someone else to fill the headcount.
Please make sure that your headcount is final before you make a bookings.

Willows Members can book two weeks in advance. Non member public can book 1 week in advance.
Therefore, Tee sheet is relatively open 15 days prior to your event, unless no big events previously booked.
Booking 15 days in advance with final headcount is suggested or it could be booked as long as 3 months in advance.
The payment would be collected at the time of the booking and fees would not be refundable nor headcount changeable.

Thank you.

Please see below for the event guidelines and the price.


For reservation, please contact yuki.sasada@willowsrun.com

Willows Event team