Instruction and Game Improvement


Registration closed currently. Apologies for inconvenience.


Dear Lesson Customers,

We regretfully announce that all of our upcoming summer lesson programs would be closed due to high turnover in the lesson department personnel.
After reviewing and brainstorming what we can do without the key lesson manager leaving right before the season starting, We came to a conclusion that 
We do not have the capability nor product to satisfy customers.  We are hesitant to represent lesson program that we are not confident, or cause any stress to the customers.
Deep apologies for inconveniences.

Those programs which already started currently would be completed.
All the upcoming programs that has not started would be closed. 

With Regard to your deposits, refund has been issued. It would be reflected on your credit card statement within April 23rd.
If you do not see the refunds by April 23rd, Please contact at

Once again, we deeply apologize for the inconvenience. 

For those who already made reservation and has took your first lesson, please contact your instructors directly below.
Jim Eichhorn:              
Davie Hendrix: