Attention Members and Customers:

Update schedule on closing hours due to events.

June 5th closed at 3:30pm – Definite (Cedar park)

June 8th closed at 4:30pm - Pending

June 10th closed at 4:30pm - Pending

June 11th closed at 1pm-5pm – Overlake School

June 12th closed at 1pm-5pm – Overlake School

June 15th closed 10am-5pm (possible large Microsoft event pending patio use and seating)

June 16th closed 10am-5pm Interior woodworking specialists




Family Fun Putputt


Rainbow Run, journey with us if you dare…
through this wilderness retreat of eagle, coyote, cougar and bear.
Where along the way you’re sure to find...hazards and rewards of a most peculiar kind.
But if you please, stay on the trail without delay...
else you may hear a grumpy bear growling, “Fowl Play!”


7:30am - 7:00pm (Last group starts 1.5 hours before closing)

7 Days a week. First come first serve, no reservation. Pre-bookings available for events only.

First come First serve, No reservation


Before 11:00am $11.51 for Teens & Adults

Before 11:00am $6.91 for Kids 12 and Under

$12.67 for Teens & Adults

$8.64 for Kids 12 and Under

7 Days a Week 



Why Choose Rainbow Run?

Need a Night Out?
Our putt-putt course is fully lighted, and open late into the night.

Act Like a Kid Again.
We know the kiddos love the putt putt, but Rainbow is a place for everyone to embrace their inner child.

Special Occasions
Our friendly and professional Heron Links staff is always there to help you plan your next family or corporate event.

Hole Name Children's Par Adult Par  
1 Icicle Creek 3 3  
2 Flaming Geyser 4 3  
3 Upper Lower Hoh 4 4  
4 Blewett Pass 4 3  
5 Cavern Falls 4 3  
6 Deception Pass 4 3  
7 Tatoosh Meadows 4 3  
8 Juniper Dunes 3 3  
9 Cougar Rock 4 3  
10 Steptoe Butte 4 4
11 Spring Tide 4 3
12 Point Defiance 3 3
13 Cape Disappointment 4 4
14 Hurricane Ridge 3 3
15 Wolf Tree Trail 3 3
16 Hole-N-Wall 5 3
17 Cascade Falls 4 3
18 Sol Duc 3 3