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Outing FAQs

Q: How many KP (closest to the pin) and LD (Longest drive) holes we offer have?
A: Within 100 we usually offer 1 each. Over 100 people we offer 2 each

Q: When do I need to turn in final headcounts by?
A: Al least 10 days in advance. Within 10 days, we may not be able to secure tee times.

Q: Are all buffet options served in To-Go boxes?
A: No they are always served at buffet table. Lunch boxes are served with To-Go Boxes

Q: Can we have small bar set up at the tent?
A: Yes, we are flexible.

Q: Can the payment be made in check instead of Credit Card?
A: Yes, although we still require credit card information to secure your reservation.

Q: What is the latest date you can cancel the reservation?
A: You can only cancel 10 full days before the event date.

Q: Would donations be considered sponsors?
A: No, Sponsors are those who are willing to pay portion of the bills for the event. In return, usually sponsor company or individual post ads on the tee boxes.
Sponsor starts from $1,000. They select the holes they would advertise at their hole.

Q: Would Willows contact customers sponsors and collect information?
A: No, but Willows has sheet to fill in for sponsors.

Q: How can we apply for table and chairs for sponsors ?
A: It is included in the sponsor Application form

Q: Can we have table and chairs without sponsers?
A: Yes, with added fees.

Q: Can we set our own particular game or contest at one of the holes?
A: Yes you can if you have a staff to organize. The setting must be taken away once the last group play that hole.
Please let Willows Event coordinator know the detail either way

Q: Would Willows give us free rounds to the winning team?
A: It seems we had that before but we no longer offer this.

Q: Can we get a discount green fees so we can make donations to the charities?
A: No, we are not part of that charity.

Q: Are we allowed to bring big coolers on a few holes to prepare bottled water over ice for the event guests?
A: We do not allow any form of outside food or furnitures such as ice chest, ice bags, soft drinks, can beers etc.

Q: Can a sponsor bring food or drinks and serve their product at the sponsored hole?
A: No, this is not allowed without exception.

Q: Can we pay through the phone, we do not want to write credit card information?
A: Yes, as long as the card goes through.