Less Than 40 people (10 Tee Time) Bookings


Guests who like to book non recurring "one time" multiple tee time bookings must pay the full amount at the time of the booking AT THE PROSHOP

The rates are below. There are no option to pay individually unless it is recurring events such as leagues. One time multiple tee time booking is only available for prepaid customers. No changes in headcounts nor rain checks on no shows after the payment. Please make reservation and payments at the proshop.


Why we ask for prepayment for the full amount (Non refundable)

We always have more than 10 small events, if each small events changes the headcount at the last minutes which is always the case, we cannot catch up. We end up losing Tee time. If some of those events wants to pay individually, we need to make sure that the headcounts are accurate few days before or we lose tee times (No risk to the customers for no shows, we take all the damage in this case). We found that there are still no shows after the confirmation of final headcounts. The result is more lost tee time otherwise filled with general public golfers.

We couldn't respond to all the small group events request due to the amount of follow ups we needed to do. We cannot cater small group event if we know that we would lose general public tee time, and thus, we ask customers to pay in full WHEN they are final with headcounts. We cannot refund the money after the payment is made. We limit small group bookings to only those who has final headcount AND ready to pay full non-refundable payment. This way, the risk of no show is up to the guests, as payment is already made. We cannot book small group events any other way.


Thank you for the understanding.


Willows Run no longer have events on weekends During the Summer


                                   Monday – Thursday (Regardless of time)


April                              $55 per person/No carts

May                               $70 per person/No carts

June                              $75 per person/No carts

July                               $75 per person/No carts

August                          $75 per person/No carts

September                    $70 per person /No carts

October                         $55 per person/No carts